Life test comes to all of us to reveal our potential and maturity”examine me,o lord and try me;test my mind and heart.”psalm 26 :2

nearly every moment in life is a test. However,there are season of testing that can be identified, understood and passed if we are alert As we nature, we experience greater scrutiny, testing and judgment than others. Name 3:1

Test defined

An opportunity which challenges us to demonstrate our potential And maturity.

Test revealed 3 major truth.                                 

*inward poverty.                                                     *inward plateau.                                                        *inward progress

Question 1               

Think of a test you have experience recently. How did you react.

Question 2

What have your recent test reveled. *poverty.                                                                     *plateau.                                                                      *progress

Genesis 22-1-2,9-13; PS 7:9, 17:3, 26:2, 139:23-24; ll cor 13:5; jam 1:2-4

Allways focus on that which helps you pass a test

The truth about testing

1.we experience test each stage of our growth

2.our goals is to pass every test

3.testing always proceeds promotive

4.self promotion and human promotion cacid replace divine promotion

5. Just as a product Is  nevervused still it is tested so it is with us. 


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