A discipline disciple by PST Soby utaiaruk

 Word of encoragement : With God nature can be stopped.

Matt 16:24,   in other to be a discipline disciple you must be able to follow the foot step of your leader,be willing to obey instructions and trust your leader at all times.to be discipline means to be an ardent follower the question is  of  who?

Mark 8:34 the manifestion of a disciple include

  • Self denial: you have to have a constant communication with christ at all times matt 16:24
  • you must also lay down you will and take up Gods own.
  • you must also make up your mind to walk the road he has chosen for you 

You must rest on his promises

  • Take up his cross
  • You must run the rase set up for you.discipline is about obeying first and complaining later

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